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This is the home of the Gridder apps. Apps to make your creative brain juice flow!


Don’t know what to draw? Got the old creative slump going on? Pick up a pen and some paper and “Grid Up!” for inspiration! The range of combinations possible is bound to get the creative brain juices bubbling over!


Covid lockdown blues in the family hub? Tired of kids asking what to draw next? “Grid Up!” for a family activity sure to get those brain juices flowing into the home-lake of bliss. A family that grids together, stays together!


Need some inspiration for a children’s book? Got an itch to write a wacky short story or a crazy verse and in need of some starting points. “Grid Up!” and let the brain juices bring you to a new creative freedom! Warning: The first word is still the hardest!


Your next cosplay session is just around the corner? Halloween costume stress has you sleepless and it’s only March? Well “Grid Up!” and let the wave of brain juice flow through you and into your next costume idea…. a creative masterpiece no doubt!


Want to get new levels of creativity from your art students or your creative writing classes? Look no further! “Grid Up!” for a new experience in unlocking student creativity with a fun, wacky and engaging approach.


Having some mates around and thinking of some jollys? “Grid Up!” and question why their interpretation of hints is so bad while yours can only be considered genius. Inflicting your weirdness onto other people has never been so much fun!!

TYPE: Female AGE: Toddler ENVIRONMENT: Desert ERA: Pre-Historic FEATURE: Bag ROLE: Musician

Character gridder is a one stop shop for character idea generation. A veritable lotto of combinations means you may never see the same combination twice…ever! How do you think a stone age, dude who lives underwater and wears a hat would look? It’s all about the brain juice. It’s all about the weirdness. Birth a  weirdo today! IT’S FREE!!


Everyone’s favourite doodle pastime is monster doodles!!! MD Gridder provides you with all the brain ammunition you need to shoot down any semblance of normality and head straight for the nether realms of creative mastery. Let loose the brain freaks!

LOCATION: Mountains TIME: Afternoon WEATHER: Rain ERA/TIME: Iron Age FEATURE: Church MOOD/HISTORY: War

Stuck in the house because of lockdown? No money to go on holidays. Well ED Gridder is here to transport you to some wild and wonderful lands. Imagineering new environments is no easy task but with some hints from ED Gridder you’ll be drifting off to new lands in not time. Send us a postcard from your brain!

TYPE: 6 Wheels STYLE: Chunky ENVIRONMENT: Forest ERA/TIME: 3000AD FEATURE: Exhausts PURPOSE: Army

Broom! Broom! Neeeyyooowww! Rattattatta! (that’s a Spitfire by the way). Who doesn’t loving imagining they’re in some most excellent vehicles? VD affords you a starting point to invent your own imagineered vehicles. Keep on brain trucking!

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